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Turf Time specializes in providing custom lawn fertilization and weed control programs to homeowners throughout Gwinnett County, Oconee County and Walton County as part of our lawn care services, we help make your lawn maintenance easier. From fertilization to insecticide, fungicide, and other lawn treatments such as weed control, top dressing, aeration and overseeding, you can have the lawn you've always dreamed of.

Not all lawn treatments are created equal.

It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to get the quality results you are looking for to transform your lawn into a lush, beautiful landscape. Instead of wasting time and money, contact the fertilization and weed control specialists at Turf Time.

Weed Control & Fertilization Programs
Turf Time offers an eight application program that includes all the fertilizer, iron, lime, pre-emergent, and post-emergent that your lawn will need to keep it weed free while maintaining a good green color during the growing seasons. Our fertilization and weed control programs will be customized for your lawn each year based upon the type of grass you have, the weather, and how your particular lawn grows.
Lush Lawns with Core Aeration & Overseeding Programs
Core aeration is one of the most beneficial lawn care procedures that can be done to any yard. This process will help the grass to fill in thin areas quickly and helps fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass faster. It is also helpful to control thatch in lawns. Following the aeration, our Turf Time lawn care professionals apply starter fertilizer and grass seed. Moisture must be applied to the lawn for 3 weeks after the fertilizer and grass seed has been applied.
Top Dressing and Sanding Experts
Topdressing is what a lawn needs when the ground is uneven or the soil texture needs to be adjusted. The first step involves scalping the lawn to the lowest possible point. The second step requires a good core aeration and the addition of sand which will fill holes in your lawn, helping help to save on watering requirements. Additional sand combined with a good mixture of compost is then applied to produce a nice, level surface - perfect for growing a lawn.
Superior Fungicide and Insecticide Services
Fungicides can be used to treat any and all types of diseases in your lawn. While some diseases may be harder to cure than others, they are still curable and/or preventable. Our professionals take time to identify the lawn diseases for your landscaping on a case by case basis so we can be sure the proper treatment is applied. Ants, grubs, worms...any of these insects are relatively easy to control if they are properly identified. Turf Time can help you with this by applying the proper insecticide for your lawn.

We guarantee

You will get your money's worth when you choose us for your lawn fertilization and weed control needs. Our fertilization experts have the training and experience to evaluate your lawn and pick out the right chemicals and lawn treatments that will address the needs of your lawn. We also use better chemicals which results in better results for our customers.